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    New style, new ideas, new materials.
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  • Scandinavia project

    hp.jpg A small taste of Venetian tradition combined with a touch of Scandinavian design have given "light" to this new joint project between Antico Trentino, our Scandinavian partners Lebrìc Scandinava and design studio Krafted and Lars Ernst Hoole. Read more
  • The Patriarca Apple Tree

    The oldest apple tree in Europe, called "Il Patriarca" was blown away by the wind a few years ago. Antico Trentino has recovered it and made it available to any artist / craftsman / designer who wanted to give it new life in some way. We are available to listen to your ideas about it. We are open to listening to your ideas and confronting each other.
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The essence of the artisan

The art of woodworking

It all starts in a small artisan workshop where our experience has been formed in the effort of our daily work and that passion has developed and still animates our work.

A future with solid roots

Continuous research into new materials and design solutions that combine innovation and tradition, creating a game of temporal references capable of enhancing at the same time the appeal of reclaimed wood and the sophisticated modernity of raw materials with a high technological content.

Environmental protection

The recovery of old wood allows to breathe new life into materials otherwise destined for pulp, to give new life to a hidden beauty that would be lost. Antique wood has a timeless charm that we think should be safeguarded.

Wood living


Milan Cathedral

Another project realized with reclaimed Venetian Briccole near to Milan Cathedral. A material rich in history, particular and refined....

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House in Milan

Wall cladding and kitchen countertop made with this natural material, that is Venetian Briccolas, as beautiful and exciting as it is...

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Legno antico: briccola

Briccola flooring

Past and present combined here by a flooring in ‘briccole’, endowed with its unique identity. The perfect matching of old and new, a...

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Le  Bric

The so called 'briccole': unique and one-of-a-kind bit of history

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Wood types

  • briccola.jpg


    Briccole are groups of three poles in the channels of the lagoon of Venice delineating the waterway areas, providing important...

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  • melo.jpg


    The apple trees planted in North Italy in Trentino Alto Adige in the famous ‘Valle di Non’, at the turn of nineteenth and twentieth...

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  • abete.jpg


    The silver fir is a typical tree found in forests and mountains throughout the entire northern hemisphere that can reach considerable...

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  • larice.jpg


    The larch is the only non-evergreen conifer belonging to the Italian spontaneous flora. This wood is very durable, which is why it is...

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  • rovere.jpg


    The oak is common throughout Western, Central and Southern Europe and is also typically found in the lower Italian mountainous...

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  • olmo.jpg


    The Elm is commonly found throughout Europe, Asia and North America, of which there are many species. Elm has an excellent resistance to...

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  • castagno.jpg


    The chestnut can grow in forests up to 800m in height. The main characteristics of this wood are durability and resistance to moisture,...

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  • noce


    The nut tree is found across Europe, it’s not only famous for its fruit, but also for the characteristics of the timber grain. The wood...

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  • ciliegio.jpg


    The cherry is of European origin and is widely spread across Italy. Its use goes far beyond the fruit: the wood has excellent mechanical...

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  • cirmolo.jpg


    The Pine is an evergreen tree that grows in the Alps at very high altitudes. Unsuitable for use as firewood, the pine has historically...

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  • ontano.jpg


    The alder wood is hard, heavy and durable. It tolerates moisture and water. It’s not simple to work this wood and given its impact...

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  • Michele Roccabruna

    Was born in Trento in 1979, he graduated from the IUAV in Venice with prof. Alberto Cecchetto in 2007 and entered his office, where he dedicates his work to various projects of the study, such as restoration of old buildings, hotels and cultural...
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  • Stefano Malvestio

    Was born in Treviso March 21, 1964, he lives and works in Treviso. He graduated in architecture in Venice in 1989 with a thesis on an hypothesis of urban park, with speaker prof. Pier Paolo Borghero. Since 1990 deals with architectural design,...
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  • Paolo Zuliani

    Was born in Udine in 1958, he became architect in Venice in 1982. People says: "The style of Paolo Zuliani materializes in the complete realization of structures, buildings, renovations, rooms and spaces that need to escape from the norm. His...
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  • Davide D'Agostino

    The architect Davide D’Agostino, was born in Salerno (Italy) in 1969 and graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples in 1994. Experienced in residential and commercial architecture as well as food design, in 2002 founded a company...
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  • Carlo Apollo

    Carlo Apollo, born 1957, mediterranean heart and milanese soul. After being grown in the school of Mario Di Donato, one of the greatest masters of 1900 Italian architecture, Carlo Apollo develops API, a unique concept which has already conquered...
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