About us

Antico Trentino

The essence of craftsmanship

The history of Antico Trentino begins in a small artisan workshop, where the art of carpentry was cultivated with dedication, and then passed on from father to son. The memories of those distant days bring to mind the sounds and scents of that workshop, where our experience has been formed in the fatigue of our daily work and that passion still animates our work.
Antico Trentino cultivates the values ​​of the past: a careful selection of reclaimed woods, a meticulous care of the woodworking, an eye to authenticity. But the preservation of traditions and values ​​is not enough to describe our work, a work of continuous research of new materials and design solutions able to project the ancient beauty of wood in a future with solid roots. Our furnishing solutions combine innovation and tradition, creating a game of temporal references capable of enhancing at the same time the charm of reclaimed wood and the refined modernity of raw materials with a high technological content. This is for us the essence of what is called "craftsmanship": a daily work based on a profound competence, on skills acquired over long years of apprenticeship and improvement, but at the same time a work in continuous development, made of research and innovation. Antico Trentino has also made environmental protection an objective to be pursued with commitment. The recovery of old wood allows to breathe new life into materials otherwise destined for pulp, to give new life to a hidden beauty that would be lost. Antique wood has a timeless charm that we think should be safeguarded. Just as the Nature from which these extraordinary raw materials derive must be safeguarded, in the same way they demand a profound respect on our part, since they are gifts granted to us.