Carlo Apollo

Carlo Apollo, born 1957, mediterranean heart and milanese soul.
After being grown in the school of Mario Di Donato, one of the greatest masters of 1900 Italian architecture, Carlo Apollo develops API, a unique concept which has already conquered the home of international connoiseurs.
In Apollo’s atelier, a fusion of traditional virtues with avant-guarde is set in motion; and this is the key to a unique design sustained by a never-ending will to self-renew.
And it was the desire to work on the payroll of the Beauty in order to create floors able to thrill which led Apollo to decorate some between the most beautiful and polished houses in the world.


The floors of the Hall of Saint Alexander Nevsky and the Hall of Saint Andrew in the Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow.
The floors of the Presidential Palace of Chechen Republic in Groznyj 
Expo at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan, in “Doppia Firma” project, with “Cologni Foundation".
Awarded with the “Enterprise Des Métier d’art 2018” prize, hosted by the Centre du Luxe et de la Creation in Paris.
Honorary member of the “Cercle du Luxe” in Paris.