Unvelling the hidden beauty: The process

Usually exhausted briccole poles display between 10 to 20% markings created by attacks from the lagoons mollusks. The presence of these markings is what makes this a uniquely formidable raw material.
Our processing methods allow us to reuse these bricolle for new practical purposes such as flooring , paneling , doors, cabinets , etc. . Our contribution is therefore to the environment as well as artistic. our commitment to protecting the environment through the reuse of materials otherwise intended for disposal, is driven by the desire to create objects with unique design, enhanced by the beautiful patterns carved into the wood by this particular shipworm of the mediterranean which feed on it.
But it is not only the action of the shipworm to make this extraordinary material: immersion in salt water removes  the hemicellulose of the wood, leaving only lignin and salt, giving life to a subject with extraordinary characteristics.
It’s a unique product and a piece of history, our aim is to present the raw beauty and quality by specially treating and crafting the wood.
For this reason, each stage of our production process is followed carefully. Firstly we delicately wash and remove foreign material. The poles are then cut so as to obtain axes of various lengths and thicknesses, suitable for the realization of different products .
The next subsequent process is the drying of the wood, this being a fundamental moment of the entire production process: our processes and methods enable us to highlight the qualities that immersion in salt water gives  to the wood, allowing us to reuse the entire briccola and not just part of it. After being dried, we work the wood by hand to create our final product: this extraordinary material poses no limits to creativity.


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