The history of Briccole

Thousands of years of history

Venice and it’s facing lagoon, dotted with islands and small human settlements, are amongst the most fascinating places in the world. It’s dreamlike beauty and historical value is steeped in history, all of which have inspired the work of many famous writers, painters and artists. With it’s dreamlike mythical qualities, Venice is much more than a floating city.

The ancient history of this area began in prehistoric times, when man settled in this territory and thrived due to it’s rich resources and suitability to sustain life. Man naturally developed a symbiotic relationship with the water, the distinguishing feature of this area which accommodated their boats, their homes and from which they survived on it’s abundance of fish. The stilt houses were the cornerstone of this relationship with the lagoon area , which allowed for each subsequent development of life and civilization. Today, after more than a millennium , the depths of the lagoon seem like a huge under water "forrest" , formed with long poles of oak and larch wood, firmly sunk vertically into the muddy soil forming one solid layer.

Our company recovers and crafts this unique “briccole” wood from the lagoon. Briccole is unique and attractive due to it’s unique distinctive features and markings which are formed by a species of the lagoon mollusk, a shipworm. World famous designers and artists have discovered this wood, being particularly attracted to it’s interesting markings, many have created designer furniture and art which can be seen in exhibitions in galleries around the world. However, the value of this material goes far beyond its physical composition.

A treasured piece of history is recovered from the Venetian lagoon and through a complex process of treating and craftsmanship, we arrive to the final high quality wood which contains all the beauty and magic of this extraordinary territory.


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